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We take GDPR seriously. Here we’ve shared some information on what it is, how it impacts you and what eAccs247 has done to get prepared.

What is GDPR?

In 2012, the European Commission began a process to reform Europe's existing data protection laws by proposing a new data protection regulation to replace the current Data Protection Directive. GDPR was agreed and adopted in 2016 and came into effect on 25 May 2018.

What does GDPR change?

GDPR means significant change, but it’s a good opportunity for companies to inspect their current data processing activities and make sure they’re protecting customer data appropriately and are GDPR complaint, particularly in the following areas.

Data Control and Usage and Protection

Applies to personal data — any data that relates to or can be used to identify a person in any way. Controls what can be done with personal information. Makes sure that personal information is properly protected. New systems must have protection designed into them (Privacy by Design). Access to data is strictly controlled and only given when required (Privacy by Default).

Consent and Right to Information

Requires that consent is given or there is a good reason to process or store personal information. Gives a person a right to know what information is held about them. and it Allows a person to request information about them is erased and that they are ‘forgotten’ — unless there is a reason not to do this.GDPR introduces new data protection rights for individuals such as the right to obtain and reuse personal data across different services


Data cannot be used for anything other than the reason given at the time of collection

Data Retention

Data is securely deleted after it is no longer needed

What has eAccs247 done to get prepared for GDPR?

We started building eAccs247 keeping GDPR in mind. We are a growing company targeting small and medium business, and as we grow, the aim is to appoint a dedicated team for GDPR activities as we grow. Here is a summary of the some of the key things we’ve done
a) Collecting and storing data - When collecting data from the clients, we make sure that the clients know why we are collecting this information, either by a short description or a help pop up. We also apply our own Data Protection principles, which are guided by the value that data entrusted to us belongs to the customers and their users. We only collect data that is required for the purpose of the application which is mainly around client businesses and no other personal data is collected.
b) Double Opt-In procedure – Email registration is used, where an email is sent to the customer to continue the registration email, confirming the registration and the data they have supplied during registration.
c) Data sharing and storage–We do not currently share data with any third party apps or data processing sites. The Data is currently hosted on a UK based serviced Cloud hosting who are GDPR compliant.
d) Data deletion or correction– We understand that our customers may like to delete their data from our services, we promptly accept these requests to immediately remove or update data accordingly.
e) Payment processing –We do not save card details on our site, we use a third party payment processing tool, who are GDPR compliant.
f) Online selling –We do not use the email addresses provided during registration for marketing purposes nor do we pass on this data to other sites.
g) Preferences – Clients can choose their own password during registration, these are saved as encrypted, and can be changed from the Company settings section
h) Data Retention Schedule – we follow a data destruction policy where we would not keep data on the system which is no longer required or has reached the end of the retention period.
i) Data Protection Officer – we are a small team of dedicated professionals who would perform the duties that a Data Protection Officer would perform. At this point of time we do not see the need of appointing a Data Protection Officer

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